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Respect For Children
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Board of Directors

The Toddler Care Center is governed by a strong Board of Directors composed of current parents, past parents, community members and staff representatives. The Board of Directors makes important management, financial, policy and programmatic decisions, promotes fundraising activities and holds ultimate responsibility for the management of the Toddler Care Center.

If you have any questions or concerns about the program or your child's care at the Toddler Care Center, please speak with the staff or contact the Program Director by e-mail (link below and on "contact us" page).

Board Members

  • Liz Nilsen (President)
  • Lisa Napier (Vice President - Personnel Committee)
  • Sarah Herr (Secretary)
  • Adam Doblo (Treasurer - Personnel Committee)
  • Nora Caruso (Board Member - Program Director)
  • Sandy Davie (Administrative Director -Finance Committee)
  • Rachel Annon (Board Member)
  • Raeleen Avila-Benabides (Board Member -Staff Representative)
  • Erin Fry (Board Member)
  • Debra Feldstein (Donor Program Advisor)
  • Cynthia Elliot (Board Member)

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